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    Since 1860 until today we are in the production of olive oil. Starting from the millstones that moved manually or driven by animals and later, in 1928 , we are the first in Megara we used electricity power machines (and later millstones and other machinery). The 1946 – 1947 modernized machines with hydraulic presses daily production of about 8 tons olives. The 1970 re-modernized our machines to the installation of new presses and electro semi separators with a capacity of about 20 tonnes of olives a day. In 1984, streamlined back our machines with the placement machine centrifuge separation (delaval and three mixer instead of grinding stones with a daily production of around 40 tonnes of olives.
         In 2008 we placed sophisticated equipment manufactured entirely from inox 316 (the inox 316 is
          rone of the best materials engineering and processing liquid food utensils and override both
           international avd EU standars ).

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